Out of necessity, an innovative process for engaging remote workers is born.


A number of years ago, I was running a business in a rural area of South Carolina and could only get engineers to work for us remotely. Despite all the best technology, we were struggling to keep them engaged and were at risk of losing them. Read the full story here.


I applied an established method called Forum, which is used by CEOs all around the world to build rapport, build connections and support it to work internally (read about it here). The process had a massive impact on our team. Soon we applied it to our other branches and eventually all our companies. When we saw it reduce our employee turnover and drive our productivity, we offered to launch the forums@work process at our suppliers, then the companies of our partners and friends. 


Thousands of hours of Forums later, here we are. Being in a Forum will change your experience of work and also change how you live your entire life. 



Ahad Ghadimi

Founder, forums@work

About the Founder

Ahad brings a rich background as a start-up entrepreneur, Global 500 executive, and turnaround artist to his roles as CEO, investor, Forum Facilitator, and coach.


"I believe a company's culture is its greatest lever of growth and impact."


Through his company, Core Work Capital, Ahad invests and operates a portfolio of companies in various industries from hospitality, industrial and fashion manufacturing, and e-commerce. 


Ahad is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and the Assistant Learning Officer for YPO Global One, a member and workshop leader at the Soho House and the National Center of Employee-Ownership. Ahad is Vice-Chairman of the board of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (RMEOC) and sits on the Colorado Ballet's YP Board.