Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Forums@Work Process Work

  • You will be part of a Forum setting with your team-members/co-workers 

  • You will meet on a regular basis to grow and learn through experience share 

  • Sessions will have topics/themes to help guide the conversation

Do Forums@Work happen on company time? 



How many people should be in my Forum? 

  • 5-8* people (if the team is larger, we recommend a longer meeting)


Who should be in my Forum? 

  • An established team (leadership team, product team, marketing/sales teams, cross-functional team, etc)

  • Or, you can join a Forum of peers (similar role/seniority) from other companies. Click here to apply

Who is the Facilitator who will guide the Forum Simulation Experience: 

  • You will be supported by one of our Certified Forum Moderators (CFM)

What is a Forum Simulation Experience?

  • A guided Form experience for your team with one of our Certified Forum Moderators (CFM)


What happens after the Forum Simulation Experience?

  • It takes 12-weeks to launch a successful and robust Forum in the workplace

  • If the simulation experience resonated with you and your team, you have three ways of continuing:

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