The fastest way to  creating high-performing  remote teams

Build powerful working relationships remotely

“I have seen my people completely transform in the way they think, act and interact with one
another. Things I have been trying to get through to them for years, I’ve seen them adopt in weeks. This has blown me away.”
~ David T. 

“The entire culture of the organization has shifted because my managers have changed. All the
other employees are so curious about the program and I’ve heard them say ‘whatever they are doing, tell them to keep doing’s great!’

~ Maggie N. 

We intend to continue with this program and enroll all our employees in it.”

~ Frank W. 


“This has been a huge eye-opener- it has completely changed the way I think about leadership.”

~ Terrence G. 


“I’m surprised by how open I got to be - and other people too. How much people opened up.”

~ Taylor J. 


“When people are feeling fulfilled at work, it may not be just with the work, but with the people they work with.”

- John A. 

“This is the first time, in a long time, that I have felt connected to people at work.”

~ Sonia B. 


“This process has been so engaging to the extent that I am excited for our next call.”

~ Don W. 

"I thought we would benefit from the extra hour in the work week when we weren't meeting
but we actually missed the opportunity to connect, re-center and get inspired.“
~ Ryan T.


"We have fundamentally changed as an organization. Our culture has transformed because we have all done the work every day, step by step."

 ~ Andrew B.


Guide Book to Launching Forums@Work

The forums@work process has been launched with remote-working teams all over the world to strengthen working relationships.

As the first company to launch team building programs for remote-workers, the forums@work process can be applied to any industry or group of remote-workers that want to improve the way they work together.

A Story about Culture Change

When his father falls ill, a high-flying entrepreneur comes home to try to save his family’s restaurant. But if the business is to survive, he must overcome a failing business, inspire disgruntled employees and manage his father’s bitter opposition to everything he does.Endorsed by over 100 Global CEOs, Turnaround Artists is a page-turning true-story that guides you on a step-by-step process on creating great culture at work and improving the relationships in your life.