Join a Leadership Forum 

A Leadership Forum is a small group of vetted peers that meet regularly, in a confidential environment, to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them.




  • A Leadership Forum is a group of 6--8 people in similar roles in different non-competing businesses with varying degrees of experience – specifically designed to allow for experience sharing, problem solving and mutual support. Cultivating relationships and the learning processes amongst likeminded individuals. 

  • Each group will begin with a Forum training, meeting once a week for 60 mins using a structured format for 12-weeks. 

  • After the 12-week training, the Forum will decide the frequency and intervals of their future meetings.  

  • We will be bringing expert resources, guest speakers, quarterly to each forum to share the latest updates and information to keep your team leader knowledgeable and up to date.

    Cost: $1,299 for Forum Training and placement in a Forum. 

      To join, please complete this survey.


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