forums@work offers two key channels of training and facilitation support

Remote Team-Building

  • As the first company to provide team building to remote teams, we will help create powerful relationships, effective structure and seamless communication among the members of your remote-team.


Build Internal Certified Virtual Forum Facilitators (CVFF)

  • Running engaging online meetings is a developed skill. We will train and certify your managers to  run highly engaging virtual meetings and to run forum team-building sessions  strengthen your teams online collaboration. 

Transitioning to Remote-Work 

  • We support you in successfully making the transition to remote work while managing your home-life, mental and personal balance. 

The forums@work Process

Creating a Safe Place

Proprietary Process that ensures a safe and confidential setting delivered by Certified Facilitators

Facilitating Authentic Connections

Customized Programming for remote workers and remote teams   

Sharing Learnings and Experiences

Virtual group activities followed up regularly by Group chat


  • Higher Employee-Retention 

  • Reduced Stress 

  • Higher Collaboration

  • Seamless Transition to Remote Work

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